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How-to: Time Management for…Oh Look! A Squirrel!!

Time Management Tips for Success!Time management is key to success! Follow these guidelines to ensure you are making the most of the time you have!

Have a morning ritual! This really sets the tone for your day. I’m using Thrive right now, so I start my day with my capsules and a shake. I have a set of daily tasks I get done right away every morning. Your morning ritual could also include working out! I plan to add that to mine for the new year.

Give yourself a time limit for daily tasks. This is super important for me. I am a contracted consultant, hold multiple board positions in my community, plus my side business (blogging). I give myself one hour in the morning to check my emails, send follow-up emails from the previous day, log receipts from the previous day and schedule a few social media post shares for my clients Facebook page.

Know when your best thinking is done and plan your daily tasks accordingly. For me, this is in the morning. I do all my creative writing in the morning when I have my best ideas! I usually have meetings on and off throughout the day then towards the afternoon I do any research, create graphics for my blog, reply to emails from throughout the day.

Prioritize! If you have multiple projects going all the time, this is necessary and why it’s important to keep lists and deadlines where you can see them (we’ll talk about that in a few). Things to consider when prioritizing are, deadlines, length of time needed to complete a task, value of the project and importance of the project.

Create a vision board! Knowing what is most important to accomplish and focus on for the year will feed right into your monthly, weekly and daily tasks. It will also help you prioritize and stay focused on your current projects instead of adding new ones constantly. If your anything like me, I love a new project but it’s not always a good idea to take them all on at once!! If you need help with a vision board check out my recent blog post, How to: Create a Goal-Reachable Vision Board for 2018.

Create lists! I’m such a list person! And I love magnet to-do and shopping lists!! Please tell me if anyone is as crazy as I am about this! I keep, what you could probably call a “master to-do” list for daily tasks, monthly tasks, and quarterly. These have general tasks that must be done every day, month and quarter. Then I have my scratch pad to-do lists for daily and weekly tasks that are specific to my current projects. Every Monday morning, I make out my weekly to-do list with everything that needs to be done that week. Then I make my daily to-do lists each day from the weekly list. You don’t have to be as crazy as me though!

Time Management - CalendarKeep a calendar! Goals, deadlines, and meetings need to be marked on your calendar. If you’re anything like me, if it’s not on the calendar it will be forgotten! I keep my the calendar on my phone as well as a desk calendar. I like to write notes on the desk calendar if there are a few out of the ordinary things I want to get done but don’t have a specific deadline or to-do date set yet. Using the reminders feature in your calendar is also very helpful. If you don’t want to keep tasks in your calendar, you can download a reminders app.

Use a great planner or organizer! I like to use a planner because I am always thinking of things to do but sometimes I need to figure out what I can carry over to the next month or focus on a few months down the road. I am a total constant project person, so this is crucial for me, I can write it down on the next months “notes” or “to-do” section and let it leave my mind! I have way too much up there!

Set a time limit for research tasks. (You can lose your whole day in research before you know it). This is also so important, I suggest setting a timer so that it goes off when the time you set is up. It is too easy to lose track of time while your researching. The time limit you set is up to you; consider your other tasks for the day and how big the project is as well as the deadline for the project. I like doing research as the last task in my day. Long periods of reading can be exhausting, and you may not feel like doing much else after you’re done.

Time Management - Limiting DistractionsLimit distractions! This can be so difficult in today’s world. With social media, videos, and music available at just the sound of your voice. (Don’t tell Alexa I said this!) I work from my phone and on social media, so I know how difficult it is! If you work from home, it’s so easy to get distracted by dishes in the sink or other home projects! I suggest packing up your laptop and heading to a local coffee shop or restaurant and getting a nice change of scenery!

A clean desk is a productive desk! Make sure you have a tidy workspace. This can even improve your mood and motivation.

Weekly Wrap-up! What was accomplished? Was it done timely? Accurately? This is super important so that you can determine what is working in your time management strategies and what isn’t. Also, to determine if there is anything needed for follow up or carry over to the following week.

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