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About Me PicHi! I’m Amanda, welcome to my adventure blog! You will find an array of adventures here like exciting travel experiences and tips, bucket list stories, event and product reviews and how to’s with my talented family! Everything I do is about getting the most out of life at this very moment whether you are vacationing on an exotic island, trying something new or turning a work trip into a mini vacation! Adventure awaits no matter where you are or what you are doing!

Believe it or not, I wasn’t always a go with the flow, see where the wind takes us, fly by the seat of our pants traveler! When I start discussing adventures with my mom she loves to bring up one of our first travel stories from my childhood…

Let me set the scene…it’s 1992. The car is packed and my brother is seated comfortably in the back ready for an adventure. My mom starts driving…east. That’s it, just east. No map, nothing.

Where am I you ask? In the backseat…worried!!

Me: “Umm, Mom? Where are we going?”
Mom: “Not sure hun.”
Me: “But, but mom?? Where will we sleep?? What will we eat?? What will we dooooo??!!!”
Mom: “I guess we’ll find out when we get there…”

This is where I got my sense of adventure…my broken compass….

Let me introduce you to a few people you will get to know through my blog…


So, I am at this awkward stage in my life where when I mention my family I am still referring to my parents and brother (and now nephew)!! Gotta love being 31 and single!! I thought I was supposed to be an adult by now, right?! Like, husband and kids?? House?? 9-5 job?? This is what we are told is the norm but it’s just not me!! I’ve learned that I am meant to do anything but the ordinary! I am meant to push boundaries, question the norm, live nothing but the best adventure!

I am constantly looking for ways to create additional income streams and would like to eventually work remotely. For now, I have lots of fun projects at home and enjoy traveling often throughout the year. I am currently self-employed as a business and marketing consultant, work in Economic Development and I serve on City Council. I also started a local chapter of a non-profit and serve as the current president.

 My Brother and Nephew

Oh, these two! What a duo! My brother has been my best friend for as long as I can remember. Family road trips wouldn’t be the same without him! He is the funniest person I know and my nephew is his little mini-me. He is a single father with full custody of his son, a veteran, and the best brother! See his dating profile HERE (bahaha, just kidding!). Sign up for our newsletter to see our Brother and Sister Cross Country Road Trip, Maryland to California! Tanner, aka T-Bug, is five, a ball of energy and completely has his dad’s sense of humor! You’ll find him on kid-friendly trips with me often! I’m attempting to pass my travel philosophies onto him:)

Mom and Dad

Mom & Dad Collage

My mom is the ultimate DIY and crafter! She’s the coolest! Always repurposing something for the house or my nephew’s room. She’s my brainstorming partner and my idea checker! My dad, he’s the best cook on the planet! He’s managed restaurants, was the chef for the Seattle Seahawks and owned his own business. I will admit, at 31, I still call him for everything! iPhone or computer issue? He can fix it! Cooking question? He’s got the answer! Need a household how-to? Over-the-phone instructor right there! But of course, none of his help comes without a little sarcasm! You can expect crafting, cooking, and how-to blogs during family weekends.


Christine & Amanda


My travel partner! This girl is awesome! Whether it’s drinks at the local watering hole or Mardi Gras we know how to have fun! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to read tips on traveling the California Coast, must see’s in New Orleans and the best Panama cruise excursions! We definitely make the most of our trips!



She’s crazy fun and always ready for an adventure! She’s an avid hiker and will be releasing reviews on products and hiking tips she learned from Mt. Shasta and the John Muir Trail! I’m excited to have her knowledge and experience to share here!




Oh K-Pie, my girl! Love her! I work with Kylee almost daily and wouldn’t be able to get through my day without our laughs and shenanigans! Stay tuned for our Mexico cruise next year for her 21st birthday! As well as, fun day trips we get to take through work for…well, being awesome!!

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