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Kid Friendly Rolled-up Pancakes

Rolled Up PankcakesRolled-up pancakes are a family favorite and have been for as long as I can remember! They are so easy to make and fun to eat! The texture is unique and much different than traditional pancakes. Cinnamon sugar is a great topping and one of my nephew’s favorites. You can use syrup but expect to get sticky fingers if you’re eating these right! Butter and powdered sugar are definitely my favorite toppings. My brother always loved to pile on the powdered sugar when he was a kid.  My mom told us about one morning he wanted to eat on the trampoline so after making his plate he went outside and just as he stepped off the porch a breeze came up and a cloud of powdered sugar rose off his pancake and floated off in the distance. My mom stood at the window laughing as he watched it float away. Check out our favorite time to make Rolled-up Pancakes, during our Weekend Christmas Tradition! Ok, now on to the recipe!

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