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How-to: Turn Your Wildest Dreams into a Set of Attainable Goals

Turn your wildest dream into goals!What’s your dream?? I guess that’s the first thing we need to figure out, right?

When I was in third grade I wanted to be the first woman president! I clearly remember sitting outside after school on this long bench we used to sit on to wait for our parents, and telling all my friends that I was going to be the first woman president! What a goal, right?! The fact is, you can do anything you want, anything you put your mind to!

Even if your goal or dream is wild and to some may seem like a fantasy, you can look at it realistically and set goals to get there.

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Research the industry you want to be in. Whether it’s marketing, creative writing, financial, extreme sports or the circus! Google will be your best friend! Find out the most successful and top companies to work for. Research history on the industry and get to know it inside and out, top trends, statistics, anything you can find. For creative writing, what brands are hiring bloggers, what are they hiring them to write about? What are some other creative writing opportunities? For marketing, check out company’s websites. What services are they offering? What can you do off of their services list and what should you strive to learn more about? If sports are your direction, research who’s sponsoring individuals, what brands have teams and any information about them. I have goals in all sort of categories, some crazy and some not! I want to get certified for skydiving, so I’m learning about that right now!

SkydivingResearch who came before you, the who’s who of the industry. Read about the top earners and record-breakers in the history of your industry. If creative writing is your goal, research successful bloggers. For the circus, ringleaders and top acts of all time. In extreme sports, metal holders and MVPs for your favorite sport. Learn about their journey. If they are authors, buy their books and read! Learn what got them to where they are or were, and how they became successful. If they offer goals or tips, strive to implement them in your life. Don’t expect your journey to match theirs by any means, but you can pull great inspiration from them.

Follow those successful individuals and companies on all social media accounts. You will want to know what they are doing, their events, and focuses which should all show through their social media accounts. It’s important to also be active on their accounts by commenting, re-tweeting or re-posting.

Research educational opportunities for your industry. There are so many opportunities to educate yourself on pretty much anything! You just need to find out which one fits with your goal. Are degrees on your subject offered in college? Are there career technical education courses available or a specific school for your industry? Like Clown College? It’s a thing, right?? Do you need a trainer or instructor for the sport you’re interested in? Or can you hone your skills by watching YouTube videos?

ConventionsResearch networking opportunities and plan the ones you want to attend. Conventions are my favorite! Networking with other like-minded individuals is so important to the level of your success. They can offer feedback on your work and goals, inspiration, and great tips for you focused specifically on your industry and interests. If you find annual conventions that you would need to travel for, pick one or two you think fit best and get them on your schedule! These are probably some of the best networking opportunities for you because the big, annual ones that require traveling (hosts change each year and they usually go all-out to make sure their convention is considered the best yet) are usually very well attended and have the newest, most sought-after information.

You can start creating your goals from everything you learned by following the steps above! Separate them into long-term and short-term goals, prioritize. Break each goal down into a list of actionable items that will work towards meeting the goal.

Creating a vision board can be a great way to bring all your goals and inspirations to life and keep them in the front of your mind. Find out more about creating a vision board in “How-to: Create a Goal-Reachable Vision Board for 2018”.

Time Management is also key to accomplishing goals, read more in “How-to: Time Management for…Oh, Look! A Squirrel!!”

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How to's & Reviews

How-to: 3 Steps to Jumpstart Your Weight Loss Journey

Start your weight loss journey!These might seem like cut and dry, “I knew that” type of steps, but it’s how you choose to carry them out that matters and sometimes we just needed to be reminded of them! No matter how easy and how many times we have thought about healthy habits sometimes life gets so busy that we need to be reminded, more than once!

I’ve tried every fad out there and cutting things too drastically or quickly that I never end up sticking to any goals. A weight loss journey is one of the hardest to start, stick to and accomplish. I have found that the easiest thing to do is start making healthier choices one by one and let your body adjust and find it as a habit.

  1. Cut the soda and fast food first, let your body get used to it.

They say it takes 21 days to break a habit, I have found that to be true. Once you cut out the soda and fast food, as hard as it is to do that at first, it will be so worth it! After a few weeks, you won’t crave it anymore and you will wonder why you didn’t do this earlier.

Having trouble in the first few weeks? Keep yourself busy with projects like these!

  • Start a vision board, check out “How-to: Create a Goal Reachable Vision Board for 2018” for ideas and tips on creating yours!
  • Turn on some country music (or whatever music you listen to) and clean! That’s always a good project!
  • Get out your long-term to-do list that’s been collecting dust the last few months…or even years! We all have them!
  1. Make better breakfast choices.

Smoothies for Weight Loss JourneyEgg dishes are a great idea, sauté up some veggies, throw in a little meat and your eggs. But if you’re like me I do that for a few days and I’m sick of eggs! I have found that smoothies are something I can stick to, and I don’t get tired of. They are so easy to whip up in the morning and great for on-the-go breakfasts! I love my Nutri-bullet for single servings or my Blendtec for more than one (and so many other great uses). My favorite smoothie recipe is below!

  • Handful of Spinach
  • 3 Ice Cubes
  • ½ Banana
  • ¼ Cup Almond Milk
  • ½ Cup of Water (adjust this for how much fruit you put in until you have the consistency desired)
  • Packet or Scoop of Protein Powder (I’m using Thrive right now, read my review here) You can also research your own and see what will work best for you.
  • Frozen Fruit: peaches, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, dragon fruit, pineapple (I pick a few to throw in and change it up a little each day)
  1. Meal Prep, Meal Prep, Meal Prep

Plan a day of the week for meal prep. If you have time to cook dinner each night, then dinner leftovers can be tomorrow’s lunch. I still suggest prepping the food and having it ready to throw in a skillet in the evening so it’s easy. If not, you can prepare freezer meals that you can throw in a slow cooker before work or prepare cooked meals that you can reheat. Get the right containers for portions! Don’t eat anything out of the bag or container it came in unless it’s a single serving.

Make single serving, healthy snacks in Ziploc snack bags. Measure out to be sure until you really see what a serving is and get used to eating that amount.

Eating out? Ask for a to-go box right away and pack up half the meal. If you’re anything like me, you will eat the food that is in front of you whether you’re hungry or not. So, planning what to do before your meal is in front of you will be helpful.

Ultimately, the biggest thing to remember is to love yourself the way you are and focus on your strong points. Don’t make unrealistic goals of being “skinny” if that’s not your body type but set goals of living a healthy lifestyle. Everyone has their issues they must deal with, weight loss comes easy to some and so hard to others. For me, weight loss and making healthy food choices are my issues and I know it so well.   The most important thing you can do for yourself is to realize that you are imperfectly awesome!

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New post coming next week, How-to: Turn Your Wildest Dreams into a Set of Attainable Goals!

This post may contain affiliate links. Please visit our disclosure page for more information.

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How to's & Reviews

How-to: Time Management for…Oh Look! A Squirrel!!

Time Management Tips for Success!Time management is key to success! Follow these guidelines to ensure you are making the most of the time you have!

Have a morning ritual! This really sets the tone for your day. I’m using Thrive right now, so I start my day with my capsules and a shake. I have a set of daily tasks I get done right away every morning. Your morning ritual could also include working out! I plan to add that to mine for the new year.

Give yourself a time limit for daily tasks. This is super important for me. I am a contracted consultant, hold multiple board positions in my community, plus my side business (blogging). I give myself one hour in the morning to check my emails, send follow-up emails from the previous day, log receipts from the previous day and schedule a few social media post shares for my clients Facebook page.

Know when your best thinking is done and plan your daily tasks accordingly. For me, this is in the morning. I do all my creative writing in the morning when I have my best ideas! I usually have meetings on and off throughout the day then towards the afternoon I do any research, create graphics for my blog, reply to emails from throughout the day.

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