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To Thrive or not to Thrive??

I’m sure most have heard of Thrive by now. I’ve been very skeptical about it and it’s taken months but I finally decided to try it. Here’s an honest opinion from someone who isn’t a promoter…

My Resultsthrive patch

It’s been over a week and I feel great, better than I expected. I have seen an increase in my energy level which has had a great effect on my to-do list:) I work two jobs and serve on City Council. I constantly have projects going on in my position as President of a local service club. Even with all those things going on I still have enough energy in the evening to work on other projects at home. Of course, staying that busy can be very stressful. The difference I have seen in my stress level and mood during stressful situations was not a benefit I was expecting but it’s been one of the best! Overall, I am very happy with my results so far with Thrive.

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