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How-to: Time Management for…Oh Look! A Squirrel!!

Time Management Tips for Success!Time management is key to success! Follow these guidelines to ensure you are making the most of the time you have!

Have a morning ritual! This really sets the tone for your day. I’m using Thrive right now, so I start my day with my capsules and a shake. I have a set of daily tasks I get done right away every morning. Your morning ritual could also include working out! I plan to add that to mine for the new year.

Give yourself a time limit for daily tasks. This is super important for me. I am a contracted consultant, hold multiple board positions in my community, plus my side business (blogging). I give myself one hour in the morning to check my emails, send follow-up emails from the previous day, log receipts from the previous day and schedule a few social media post shares for my clients Facebook page.

Know when your best thinking is done and plan your daily tasks accordingly. For me, this is in the morning. I do all my creative writing in the morning when I have my best ideas! I usually have meetings on and off throughout the day then towards the afternoon I do any research, create graphics for my blog, reply to emails from throughout the day.

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